Deadly Lures Lizardo

$19.95 Inc GST
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Top Water Skitterbait
colour Diving Depth Lure Length Lure Weight
Purple Surface 60mm 14g
Orange Surface 60mm 14g
Green Surface 60mm 14g

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$19.95 Inc GST

Weedless Topwater Slider.

Walk the dog weedless surface lure.
High Strength 3x Tin Double Hook with tube weed guards for the ultimate weed-free fishing.
The snag and weed free design will let you fish in spots where normal lures can't go.
Keep the rod tip down, imparting a slow twitchy retrieve to get the lure tail walking and zig zagging.
Creates an erractic surface wake like a lizard or rat.

Lure Length 60mm
Diving Depth Surface
Lure Weight 6g
Manufacturer Deadly Lures

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