Zip Baits Skinny Pop Jnr

$24.95 Inc GST
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Zip Bait Skinny Pop Jnr
Colour Lure Length Lure Weight
020A 70mm 3.6g
617A 70mm 3.6g
021A 70mm 3.6g
339A 70mm 3.6g
627A 70mm 3.6g
848KM 70mm 3.6g
989 70mm 3.6g
988 70mm 3.6g

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$24.95 Inc GST
They're Back!!

One of the most popular surface lures is back in stock.

Bream, whiting you name it the skinny pop catches them.
Lure Length 70mm
Lure Weight 3.6g
Manufacturer Zip Baits

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