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Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel Lantern

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Coleman Northstar Dual Fuel Lantern



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Porcelainised ventilator that won't rust
Fully adjustable light output
First liquid fuel lantern that includes electronic ignition
Metal guard helps prevent globe breakage
Brightest ColemanĀ® liquid fuel lantern
One tank of fuel will last up to 14 hours
Product weight
A lantern that lasts up to 14 hours on one tank of fuel along with the added convenience of electronic igition - lighting for your next camping trip could not be simpler! The Coleman Northstar El Dual Fuel Lantern comes with fully adjustable light output; enjoy a comfortable warm glow or a more piercing light depending on your requirements. For your convenience, use either unleaded fuel or Coleman Fuel to power the lantern by means of a large single tube mantle. These fuel options make for a safe light alternative, as does the metal guard assisting to prevent globe breakage. The porcelainised ventilator won't rust either! Portable and user-friendly, take the Coleman Northstar El Dual Fuel Lantern with you on your next camping trip!

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