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Duo Realis Fangbait SR

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Duo Realis Fangbait SR
Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR Duo Realis Fangbait SR


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The heavy duty weapon for “Going Beast Mode”
ColourSizeProduct weightMaterial
Waka Mullet120SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Ivary Holo120SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Golden Dorado140SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Fang Gill120SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Fang Gill140SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Beast Tenaga120SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Beast Tenaga140SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
Waka Mullet140SR1Floating (Fixed Weight)
What do you tie on your rod when you plan to target a 20kg Papuan bass, 40kg barramundi or 100kg arapaima? What tackle generates enough confidence to tie it on even when fighting a world class record fish? We offer you the answer – the Fangbait series. Developed by Kazuhiro Uyama and tested on his many trips to chase the greatest of world’s predators, Fangbait aims to become a staple in “beast hunters” tackle boxes. As a pioneering model for Fang Ops brand, it represents the concept of building some of the toughest lures in the world to the fullest. The tag team of 120SR and 140SR has been built to tackle even the largest of the “beasts” guarded by a strong 1.2mm/1.5mm diameter thick wire running through the whole body. By running the wire through the outer side of the body, we were able to further reduce the plastic usually required around the wire, while increasing the air chamber for more buoyancy. We have also inserted several different sized stainless-steel pins to secure the wire which runs through the body. This prevents the wire from coming loose, while reducing the weight by trimming the unnecessary meat off the body. The typical minnow shape of 120SR and 140SR combines moderate roll with not too strong wobble for universal appeal and use in any situation. With the global predators when you will be looking for a search bait, reach for Fangbait SR series.

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