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Samaki Offshore Pro SOP Rod

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Samaki Offshore Pro SOP Rod
Samaki Offshore Pro SOP Rod Samaki Offshore Pro SOP Rod



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Anyone who says boat rods lack refinement has obviously never owned a Samaki Offshore Pro.These rods are packed with features that you would normally only find on rods costing twice as much. The carbon composite blank is light yet super powerful making them perfect for everything from bottom bashing to deep water jigging. These blanks come fitted with silicon guides, aluminium gimbals and stunning camo grips. Out on the water you quickly notice just how beautifully these rods have been crafted.
SizeProduct weightLengthRod RatingCast WeightPiecesRod Type
561SH15’6″ PE 3-6 Jig 150-300 g1pcSpin
561OH15’6″ PE 3-6 Jig 150-300 g1pcO/Head
601SH16’0″ 15-30 kg Jig 200-400 g1pcSpin
701SM17’0″ 8-15 kg Cast 2-8 oz1pcSpin
Hook a big fish and the rod moves straight into its fighting curve placing all the strain on the fish and next to none on the angler. The action has been designed to withstand the lunges and lurches of big fish trying to make it back to the safety of the reef, giving you a greater chance of landing your prey. These stunning rods have a sensational action and can handle any hard fighting fish that you hook up to. The perfect blend of power and finesse, the Samaki Offshore Pro is one of the greatest value for money fi sh rods ever built and a proven blue water performer. - Carbon composite blank - Silicon guides - Aluminium gimbal - Camo grips - Stunning value for money

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